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Team Names List

A team's name can be everything. It can instill civic pride, promote regional good will, or just sound really cool. On the other hand, it can also be lame or embarrassing.

Below is a list of names that have been proposed or actually used through the years for the teams in the Birmingham area.
     Team Name Status Timeframe Sport Comment
    Alabama 59ers Actual   2021   Basketball   Pro Basketball Association
    Alabama Airborne Proposed   2015   Football   Major League Football
    Alabama Airmen (1) Proposed   2009   Basketball     WBA Exposure League
    Alabama Airmen (2) Proposed   2020   Football   Freedom Football League
    Alabama Barons Actual   1978   Baseball   Freedom Baseball League
    Alabama Bears Proposed   1974   Football   Birmingham Americans
    Alabama Blackbirds Proposed   2009   Football   United National Gridiron League
    Alabama Bullz Proposed   2017   Hockey   Federal Hockey League
    Alabama Dragons Proposed   2009   Football   United National Gridiron League
    Alabama Empire Proposed   2022   Football   Elite Indoor Football
    Alabama Freeze Proposed   2003   Hockey   Alabama Slammers (2)
    Alabama Gunners Actual   1998-99   Hockey   Southern Elite Hockey League
    Alabama Hammers Proposed   2003   Hockey   Alabama Slammers (2)
    Alabama Ironmen Proposed   1982   Football   Alabama Magic
    Alabama Magic Actual   1982   Football   American Football Association
    Alabama Knights Proposed   2022   Basketball   Triple Threat Basketball League
    Alabama Outlawz Actual   2014 to 2015   Football   X-League
    Alabama Reign Actual   2017   Basketball   Women's Blue-Chip Basketball League
    Alabama Slammers (1) Actual   2001-02   Football   Women's American Football League
    Alabama Slammers (2) Actual   2003-04   Hockey   World Hockey Association 2
    Alabama Spirit Proposed   1982   Football   Alabama Magic
    Alabama Steeldogs Actual   2007   Football   arenafootball2
    Alabama Vulcans (1) Actual   1979   Football   American Football Association
    Alabama Vulcans (2) Proposed   2003   Hockey   Alabama Slammers (2)
    Bessemer Pipemakers Actual   1912   Baseball   Southeastern League
    Bessemer Whiz Kids Actual   1947-48   Basketball   Southern Professional Basketball League
    Birmingham Americans Actual   1974   Football   World Football League
    Birmingham Athletics Actual   1967 to 1975   Baseball   Southern League
    Birmingham Bandits (1) Proposed   1978   Soccer   Super Soccer League
    Birmingham Bandits (2) Actual   1991-92   Basketball   Continental Basketball Association
    Birmingham Bandits (3) Proposed   1995   Football   Birmingham Barracudas
    Birmingham Bandits (4) Proposed   2001   Basketball   Birmingham BreakOuts
    Birmingham Bankers Proposed   1978   Soccer   Birmingham Bandits (1)
    Birmingham Barbarians Proposed   2000   Football   Birmingham Steeldogs
    Birmingham Barons (1) Actual   1901 to 1961, 1964 to 1965     Baseball   Southern Association; Southern League
    Birmingham Barons (2) Actual   1981 to Present   Baseball   Southern League
    Birmingham Barracudas Actual   1995   Football   Canadian Football League
    Birmingham Bearcats Proposed   1995   Football   Birmingham Barracudas
    Birmingham Belles Proposed   2013   Basketball   Beautiful Ballers League
    Birmingham Black Barons Actual   1920 to 1963   Baseball   Negro Southern League; Negro National League
    Birmingham Black Widows Proposed   2013   Football   Women's Indoor Football League
    Birmingham Blast (1) Proposed   2000   Football   Birmingham Steeldogs
    Birmingham Blast (2) Proposed   2000   Football   Birmingham Thunderbolts
    Birmingham Blazers Proposed   2010   Football   American Football League
    Birmingham Blitz Actual   2012-13 to 2016-17   Basketball   American Basketball Association
    Birmingham Bluebirds   Unverified     1896   Baseball    
    Birmingham Bombers Proposed   2016   Football   Rebel Indoor Football League
    Birmingham Bombshells Proposed   2020   Football   Women's Football League Association
    Birmingham BreakOuts Proposed   2001   Basketball   Global Basketball Alliance
    Birmingham Bruisers Proposed   2000   Football   Birmingham Steeldogs
    Birmingham Bubbas Proposed   2000   Football   Birmingham Steeldogs
    Birmingham Bulls (1) Actual   1976-77 to 1980-81   Hockey   World Hockey Association; Central Hockey League
    Birmingham Bulls (2) Actual   1983   Hockey   Atlantic Coast Hockey League
    Birmingham Bulls (3) Actual   1992-93 to 2000-01   Hockey   East Coast Hockey League
    Birmingham Bulls (4) Actual   2017-18 to Present   Hockey   Southern Professional Hockey League
    Birmingham Coal Barons Unverified   1885   Baseball    
    Birmingham Crusaders Proposed   2007   Basketball   United States Basketball Association
    Birmingham Cougars Proposed   1995   Football   Birmingham Barracudas
    Birmingham Fire Actual   1991 to 1992   Football   World League of American Football
    Birmingham Freedom Proposed   2014   Football   North American Football League
    Birmingham Gladiators Actual   2008   Basketball   Americas Basketball International
    Birmingham Grays Unverified   1892   Baseball    
    Birmingham Iron Actual   2019   Football   Alliance of American Football
    Birmingham Ironmakers Unverified   1887   Baseball    
    Birmingham Ironmen Proposed   2014   Basketball    
    Birmingham Kings Proposed   2018   Football   Freedom Football League
    Birmingham Knights Proposed   1983   Football   Birmingham Stallions
    Birmingham Legends Proposed   2019   Basketball   Women's Basketball Development Association
    Birmingham Legion Actual   2019 to Present   Soccer   United Soccer League - Championship
    Birmingham Legion WFC Actual   2023 to Present   Soccer   United Soccer League - W League
    Birmingham Lions Proposed   2012   Basketball   Continental Basketball League
    Birmingham Magicians (1) Proposed   1995   Football   Birmingham Barracudas
    Birmingham Magicians (2) Proposed   2000   Football   Birmingham Steeldogs
    Birmingham Magicians (3) Actual   2005-06   Basketball   American Basketball Association
    Birmingham Magicians (4) Proposed   2018   Basketball   Southern Basketball Association
    Birmingham Maroons Unverified   1888   Baseball    
    Birmingham Miners Actual   2021-22   Basketball   Maximum Basketball League
    Birmingham Outlaws Actual   2022-23 to Present   Basketball   Triple Threat Basketball League
    Birmingham Outlawz Actual   2017   Football   Arena Pro Football
    Birmingham Power Actual   2001 to 2005   Basketball   National Women's Basketball League
    Birmingham Queens Proposed   2018   Basketball   Women's Basketball Development Association
    Birmingham Ravens Proposed   2020   Football   Elite Indoor Football
    Birmingham Sabers Actual   2010 to 2011   Basketball   Continental Basketball League
    Birmingham Skyhawks Actual   1947   Basketball   Professional Basketball League of America
    Birmingham South Stars Actual   1982-83   Hockey   Central Hockey League
    Birmingham Squadron Actual   2021-22 to Present   Basketball   NBA G League
    Birmingham Stallions Actual   1983 to 1985   Football   United States Football League
    Birmingham Stallions (2) Actual   2022 to Present   Football   United States Football League (2022)
    Birmingham Steel (1) Proposed   1995   Football   Birmingham Barracudas
    Birmingham Steel (2) Actual   2010   Basketball   Continental Basketball League; World Basketball Association  
    Birmingham Steel Magnolias   Actual   2002-03   Football   Women's Football Association
    Birmingham Steeldawgs Proposed   2022   Football   United Football League
    Birmingham Steeldogs Actual   2000 to 2006   Football   arenafootball2
    Birmingham Steelers Actual   1948-49   Basketball   Southern Professional Basketball League
    Birmingham Sun Proposed   2011   Basketball   Women's Blue-Chip Basketball League
    Birmingham Thunderbolts Actual   2001   Football   XFL
    Birmingham Vulcans (1) Actual   1947-48   Basketball   Southern Professional Basketball League
    Birmingham Vulcans (2) Actual   1961 to 1962   Football   Dixie Professional Football League
    Birmingham Vulcans (3) Actual   1975   Football   World Football League
    Birmingham Vulcans (4) Actual   2017   Basketball   North American Basketball League
    Birmingham Yellowhammers   Proposed   2010   Football   American Football League
    Iron City Dragons Proposed   2018   Basketball   North American Basketball League
    Magic City Court Kings Actual   2005 to 2006   Basketball   World Basketball Association
    Magic City SC Proposed   2023 to Present   Soccer   National Indoor Soccer League
    Magic City Surge Actual   2017-18 to 2022   Basketball   American Basketball Association
    Pelham Prowlers Actual   1999-00   Hockey   Southern Elite Hockey League
    Southeast Pro Elite Flyers Actual   2017-18   Basketball   American Basketball Association
    Team Alabama Proposed   2007   Football   All American Football League
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