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Will Birmingham play in the American Spring Football League?

February 25, 2022
Michael Dwyer, founder and CEO of the proposed American Spring Football League, names Birmingham as one of the cities his league will consider for their inaugural 2023 season.

Current plans call for eight or nine teams based in small to medium sized cities that have large available stadiums, located most likely in the midwest and southeast.

  League consultant Jackie Sherrill (l) and
American Spring Football League founder
Michael Dwyer (r)
Dwyer's idea for the league started 14 years ago, although under a different yet familiar name. Dwyer's original idea was to revive the United States Football League, which played from 1983 to 1985. The Birmingham Stallions were part of the league all three years.

As he was working a deal with someone who was supposed to purchase the trademark, they wound up in prison for embezzlement.

Dwyer claims the attorney that was brought in stole his league trademark, and didnít find out until FOX announced a new United States Football League was coming back this year. The Birmingham Stallions are to be a part of this USFL, as well.

In the process of all that, Dwyer decided to keep going with the business plan he has been working on for years.

In addition to Birmingham, Dwyer named Columbus, Jackson, Orlando and the Texas cities of Austin, El Paso, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Waco. They will also look at spots in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia.

"We want places that want us. Anyone that wants to buck us we will move on to the next city. But as far as any cities in the XFL or the USFL, we have no problem going up against those leagues head-to-head," Dwyer said.

The first funding will be crowd funding for the league office. There could also be a couple of teams that will be crowd funded because they want to make sure they get into a specific market no matter what, but eventually all teams will be privately owned.

Dwyer is confident in his plan. "This is not minor league. We hope that by year five this league will double in size and have to move up to larger stadiums. You will never see this league fold in the middle of the year and players not paid. The ASFL is not going to be a part of that."

October 2022
The ASFL officially announces their first two cities; Houston and Little Rock.

January 23, 2023
While no official announcement was made, the ASFL's website now states the league's inaugural season has been pushed back to 2024.
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