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January 31, 2017
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The American Basketball Association announces that the Southeast Pro Elite Flyers, located in Shelby County, have switched from being an ABA travel team to full membership and will be eligible to compete in the ABA playoffs beginning in March.

The Flyers are owned by Timothy Frye and Paul Smith and will be coached by Jonathan Piazza.

"Timothy Frye and the Pro Elite Flyers have played quite a few games already this season," ABA co-founder Joe Newman said. "Not only have they been very competitive on the court, but they have run a very professional organization and we're pleased they decided to become full members."

Timothy Frye is ready for the step up as full ABA members. "The mission of the Southeast Pro Elite Flyers team is to foster a team of sportsmanship, teamwork, and excellence while serving as role models to youth in the southeastern Alabama communities. Our program promotes sports participation and provides a gateway for local athletes to progress to higher levels of basketball competition by showcasing their talents and abilities to recruiters and scouts from various professional teams. SE Pro Elite Flyers recruit players from our local community, neighboring universities, and internationally. Each player is committed to giving back and being a mentor to local youth. We do this by offering free basketball camps, motivational seminars, reading initiatives, and mentoring in local schools in addition to participation in local community events."

Home games will be played at BlackWatch Sports Performance training facility.

The ABA has fielded teams in the city before, the Birmingham Magicians (2005) and the Birmingham Blitz (2012-13 to 2015-16).

The ABA season usually runs from late November to March each year. The number of games each team will play can wildly vary and many franchises fold before the season completes.

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