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Will Birmingham join the Stars Football League?

November 8, 2012
  SFL founder and president
Peter Huthwaite
The Stars Football League announces via their website that they are looking for team owners for expansion. Birmingham is in the list of cities named.

The other locations named are Canton , Charleston, Daytona Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Las Vegas, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Miami, Mobile, and New Orleans/Baton Rouge. The SFL will also consider other venues with qualified parties. The current cost of a SFL franchise is $1,500,000.

The SFL, an outdoor professional football league, plays in the spring and has just completed their second year of play.

The league is controlled by a board of directors, headed by the chairman of the board/president, Peter J. Huthwaite and has a salary cap for players. Huthwaite is also the league's founder.

One claim-to-fame the league has is a unique scoring system. After a touchdown is scored, the team can elect to go for either 1, 2, 3, or 4 points. The traditional extra point kick would remain 1 point. Scoring again via run or pass from the 2 yard line would earn 2 points, or from the 10 yard line 3 points, or from the 20 yard line 4 points. The league claims this helps balancing the scoring and keeping games exciting.

April 6, 2013
The Stars Football League begins play for 2013, but Birmingham is not part of the league.

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June 13, 2014
After silently cancelling their 2014 season, the Stars Football League board of directors announce that new venues are being scheduled for the 2015 season. Once again, Birmingham is listed as a candidate.

Many of the locations listed were on their expansion list for the 2013 season. The other locations named are Albuquerque, Charleston, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Worth, Georgia, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami, and New Orleans.

“We expect to have strong leadership for these teams in 2015,″ said Huthwaite.

The SFL never expanded and never played a 2015 season. However, they did better than most spring leagues by playing three seasons.

On August 24, 2016 the Stars Football League's board of directors announce that the league's assets were for sale, effective ending the SFL.
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