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Will Birmingham join the North American Basketball League?

??? 2014
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A basketball team named the Birmingham Ironmen has appeared in social media touting they are "coming soon". The team has yet to say what league they will be joining.

At some point a sister team was introduced, the Birmingham Vulcans.

February 2016
The Ironmen announce they would be joining the North American Basketball League in 2017. Oddly, it was the Vulcans that joined the NABL in 2017, not the Ironmen.

The Vulcans made it through the regular season and one playoff game.

April 2017

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May 29, 2017
The Ironmen announce Edward Lynn as their head coach.

"Coach Lynn will hit the ground running as we will be holding tryouts very soon. Of all of the applicants who applied, he's the right man for the job," said general manager Larry Harris.

Over the years, the only activity from the team is to have people on the street put on a team t-shirt for photos or to have their bear mascot appear at various functions.
The Ironmen bear mascot with Birmingham mayor William Bell
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