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 Will Birmingham join the International Indoor Soccer League?


February 1978

    Joe E. Fuller, a local insurance man, announces his intention to bring indoor soccer to Birmingham. The franchise would be a member of the planned International Indoor Soccer League.

Fuller is giving himself one week to come up with the $50,000 guarantee that will secure a franchise for Birmingham. Fuller is seeking the money in two ways, "I'd like to have 10 other businessmen (contribute) or get 5 businessmen and a civic club to come in with the other half. There's a certain point in time that you have to move from the financial end to the sports end. Where you've got to sell tickets and obtain players. If I can't do it then I will pass the hat to someone else. Maybe a person from out of town will want to come in and make a lot of money and have some fun." Fuller believes the city and surrounding suburbs have an untapped base of soccer fans to draw on.

The IISL season would run from May to September with 30 home games and 30 away games for each team. The IISL's president is Florida businessman Norm Johnson. Another high ranking official is William R. Putnam, former owner of the Birmingham Americans, who won the World Football League's first and only World Bowl in 1974.



      Some believe the International Indoor Soccer League might have been the original name for what would later become the Super Soccer League. Regardless of the case, the IISL never got past the planning stages.   

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