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      This franchise was previously known as the Birmingham Steel, who played two games in the Continental Basketball League. Click the Steel logo below to learn their story.


May 2010

    Continental Basketball League logoThe Continental Basketball League commissioner Dennis Truax announces that Paul Smith has taken over as owner of the Birmingham franchise.

The new team will be known as the Birmingham Sabres and will play their home games at Altamont School.

The Sabres will play the Steel's original schedule and will inherit the Steel's 1-1 record.

The Birmingham Steel severed ties with the CBL on Monday when it was announced the team joined the World Basketball Association Exposure League.

"We are disappointed with the recent turn of events in Birmingham. Despite this setback, we will be moving forward with Paul Smith taking over ownership of the Birmingham franchise. We have received commitments from the former Steel players to remain with Mr. Smith and his new team. We applaud Mr. Smith for taking over on such short notice and working diligently to secure his players and financing for the team," Truax said.


2010 Continental Basketball League

  Birmingham Sabers  
  Carolina Cougarz  
  Georgia Gwizzlies  
  Savannah Wildcats  
  Wilmington Sea Dawgs  
    The new team begins play under the name Birmingham Sabers (as in saber-tooth tiger), not Sabres (as in sword).   

April 2011


2011 Continental Basketball League

  Birmingham Sabers  
  Cary Invasion  
  Fayetteville Crossover  
  Florida Flight  
  Gainesville Galaxy  
  Heartland Prowl  
  Miami Stars  
  Palm Beach Titans  
  Savannah Wildcats  
  Wilmington Sea Dawgs  
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